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The Saturday night Orioles game thread: vs. Yankees, 7:15pm

The Orioles have a chance to win their sixth straight game on Saturday night against the Yankees. To do so, they'll need to get a good start from Bud Norris against a lefty-heavy Yankees lineup. Well...

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

There will be no Gary Thorne calling the game in Baltimore tonight. Prepare yourself for the Fox invasion. I guess playing the Yankees means we are interesting enough to them. Thus the game starts at 7:15 instead of the civilized baseball time of 7:05, and thus we will have to listen to the stylings of Kenny Albert and Tom Verducci.

It's not Gary and Jim, but it could probably be worse. I recall a time when Fox inflicted Bob Carpenter upon us for an Orioles-Nationals game. That wasn't so fun. Neither of these guys broadcasts Yankees games regularly.

As for tonight's game, well, the Orioles have an opportunity to win their sixth straight game. That would be very exciting. To do so they'll need to have a good outing against CC Sabathia, whose ERA is over 5 coming into the game. That, as I have mentioned before and will mention again, is an encouraging sign on the surface that has instead felt like the Orioles have yet to actually treat struggling pitchers the way you'd expect struggling pitchers to be treated.

Also, the game will be started by Bud Norris for the O's. Though he flattened out his platoon split against left-handed batters last season, that has not carried over to this year. The Yankees lineup can load up with left-handed bats and switch-hitters. In fact the lone batter of the starting nine who isn't either a lefty or a switch hitter is Alex Rodriguez, who's only managing to put together one of the great "Eff You" seasons of all time.

Don't be surprised if the Yankees return the favor for last night's blowout with a blowout of their own.

Today's Lineups

Brett Gardner - LF Manny Machado - 3B
Chase Headley - 3B Nolan Reimold - LF
Alex Rodriguez - DH Adam Jones - CF
Mark Teixeira - 1B Delmon Young - RF
Brian McCann - C Chris Davis - DH
Carlos Beltran - RF Matt Wieters - C
Didi Gregorius - SS J.J. Hardy - SS
Stephen Drew - 2B Steve Pearce - 1B
Mason Williams - CF Ryan Flaherty - 2B
CC Sabathia - LHP Bud Norris - RHP