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Orioles get no hit for seven innings, come back a bit, still lose to Blue Jays, 5-4

Sometimes baseball isn't very fun and Friday's Orioles game, despite only having a margin of a run by the end, was one of those. They fell to the Blue Jays, 5-4, in a game that inspired horrible MS Paint art.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles 5-4 loss to the Blue Jays ended with the tying run on third base, the go-ahead run at first base, and Chris Davis at the plate. If you don't already know from that information that Davis struck out, well, bless your optimism. Though it only goes down in the books as a one run loss, it was nonetheless an awful baseball game.

Significantly, the Orioles did not get a hit off of Marco Estrada until the eighth inning of the game. Marco Estrada no hit the Orioles through seven innings! Jimmy Paredes delivered a pinch hit single that sent Estrada packing, since he was at 118 pitches. He probably wouldn't have completed the no-hitter even if Paredes didn't get the hit there, but that's closer than anything needs to get.

Despite the fact that the game sucked, some Orioles tried their best to salvage it. Tyler Wilson did real yeoman's work, needed for massive long relief starting in only the second inning of the game. Wilson saved the staff, no exaggeration, soaking up 5.2 innings of work with only one run allowed. His effort is what gave the O's half a chance later on, once they'd done the best rally they could manage.

Manny Machado having two hits and scoring two runs was good for the O's. Adam Jones' two-run single that brought the game to within one. The rest of the things in this game were not so good. In fact, the game inspired an MS Paint comic told in four panels.

For the concrete box score of this game, check here. For the story of this game viewed through the lens of the tormented soul of the artist, look just below:

MS Paint Recap for 6/19's 5-4 loss to Blue Jays

The O's will have a chance to even up this series against the Blue Jays with a 1:07 scheduled start time on Saturday afternoon. Prepare for something to go horribly awry as Kevin Gausman makes his first big league start for the O's this year. I wonder if Wei-Yin Chen will be sitting in Frederick thinking, "I got optioned for this?" Taking the carpet for the Jays is the veteran Mark Buehrle.