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Orioles off night open thread: Rooting against the AL East, and for the USA! USA! USA!

The Orioles are not playing on Monday night, but some division rivals are playing, and so is the US Women's National Team in the World Cup. USA! USA! USA!

Rich Lam/Getty Images

The Orioles are off on this Monday night, which does not mean that there's nothing going on in the wide world of sports. Plus, today's open thread from this morning has over 1500 comments at 5:30 Eastern, and who has time to deal with all of that? So consider this the night time hangout thread, and you are hereby absolved of any duty to catch up on the day's chatter, unless you're bored enough that you want to do so.

Division rivals are in action tonight as follows:

Phillies @ Yankees, 7:05 pm
Starting pitchers: Kevin Correia, Michael Pineda

It's another AL East team's turn to get to pick on the Phillies, though that should not stop any of us from hoping for some kind of miracle victory for the hapless Philadelphia squad.

Blue Jays @ Rays, 7:10pm
Starting pitchers: Drew Hutchison, Matt Andriese

With both of these being AL East teams, screw both of them. However, my prevailing rule is to tepidly prefer the team that is presently lower in the standings, and in this particular game that is the Blue Jays.

Other "screw those guys" action:

Royals @ Mariners, 10:05pm
Starting pitchers: Joe Blanton, Felix Hernandez

The remainder of the AL Central has basically died all around the Royals. Screw those guys also. If there is any justice in the universe, a matchup of Joe Blanton and Felix Hernandez can end only one way. We already know there is no justice in the universe after last year's ALCS.

Outside of the world of baseball, there is also the US Women's National Team playing in the World Cup against Colombia tonight. It is the round of 16. The game is supposed to get underway at 8pm at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

And if anything else strikes your fancy, have at it below.