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Orioles podcast: Going out in search of the offense

Where did the Orioles offense go? We'd really like to know. We also have a lot to say about the return of Matt Wieters and Bud Norris, as well as the upcoming baseball draft. Check out the latest Camdencast.

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Where did the Orioles offense go? We have no idea, but it's a subject of much discussion in this edition of Camdencast. Could Matt Wieters' pending return be the spark the Orioles need to get things going? We spend some time on the topic this time around.

The Orioles need to get things going, too, because while it's still early, the Yankees and Rays have gotten just a little bit of separation from the pack in the AL East. The O's have dug themselves a hole. It's not deep yet, but they still need to work to climb out of it. Maybe Bud Norris will help with that too.

Along the way, we run across the usual smattering of topics, including what effect, if any, the Brian Matusz suspension will have on the team, whether they should make room for someone like Chris Parmelee, whether any of Dan Duquette's weird trades - like the latest swap of the DFA'd Alejandro De Aza for minor league reliever Joe Gunkel - will pay off, and we close with a little draft preview, or at least as much as you can preview a draft where the Orioles pick #25 overall and no one, even the Orioles, knows right now who they will pick.

We finally broke our streak of consecutive podcasts mentioning Billy Rowell, although there is passing mention of Matt Hobgood, which is almost as bad.

This episode has a run time of about 1:20.

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