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MLB Draft 2015: Orioles Draft Day 2 Open Thread

It's day 2 of the MLB Draft, where some lucky teams will find future big leaguers or trade bait. If we're lucky, the Orioles will hit on one of these picks, or at least get a prospect with an awesome name.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Orioles have three draft picks down and they'll be making another eight today. Day 2 of the MLB Draft is going to speed through rounds 3-10. Unlike the attempt at a made-for-TV show that is Day 1, there's only a minute between picks in the second day. There's no TV studio, no room full of team representatives. There's only one giant conference call where 30 different teams call out names in the prescribed order.

The farther you get out from the first round, the less likely that any pick is going to be destined for big league stardom, or even for the big leagues at all. Teams who are lucky or good enough to regularly hit on these picks will stand out. The St. Louis Cardinals, for instance, selected Albert Pujols in the 13th round way back in 1999. They have another 13th round pick raking for them right now: Matt Carpenter.

On the Orioles' roster, it's very heavy on first round picks, some of which were Orioles picks and others because it seems to be a concerted attempt by Dan Duquette to give a second chance to players who were once first round talent who've never quite put it together. Delmon Young was a former #1 overall pick, which is crazy. Travis Snider was a first round pick.

But you're also going to find players who can give you productive seasons who were drafted later. The Orioles have a couple of later-round contributors they drafted: Zach Britton was a third round pick. Caleb Joseph was a seventh round pick. Getting anything out of these picks is a win, even if it's a reliever or a fourth outfielder or utility infielder.

These mid-round picks also tend to be trade bait for Duquette to dangle for other teams in a couple of years' time. Even if you get a sixth-round pick who has some success in A-ball, he's still a long way from the big leagues.

That said, on draft day 2, you might as well root for awesome names or local kids to get drafted. Some awesome names I'd like to see today just because their names are awesome: Skye Bolt, Trey Cabbage, Sixto Torres, and pretty much anyone who has the same first and last initial.

Maryland Terps baseball players who might pop up on draft boards: LHP Alex Robinson, 2B Brandon Lowe, OF LaMonte Wade, LHP Zach Morris, and RHP Kevin Mooney. They're all listed on the Baseball America 500.

Anyway, the first pick of the day is #76. The Orioles' first pick is #102. They'll pick again at #132 and every 30 picks for the rest of the draft.