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Orioles designate Delmon Young for assignment, recall Tyler Wilson from Norfolk

So long and thanks for that postseason double, Delmon. You'll always have a place in Orioles lore, but your time with the 2015 Orioles has run out. Young was DFA'd when the O's added Tyler Wilson from Norfolk.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball rosters are a zero sum game, and adding someone means that someone else must be taken off. The Orioles, you have probably noticed, have been flush with corner outfielders for some time, not all of whom are performing well. They are also currently short-handed in the bullpen, having only six relievers and no long relief man. All of this means that Delmon Young's time has finally run out. He was sent to the great DFA in the sky.

The corresponding roster move made was recalling Norfolk starter Tyler Wilson back to the big leagues. Wilson figures to serve in the long relief role for as long as he's in the O's 'pen this time around. Since the O's will be recalling Kevin Gausman to make Thursday's start, it's quite possible this will be a one game stay for Wilson. He'll be back again.

Thanks for that clutch double in the ALDS last year, Delmon. You'll always have a place in Orioles lore. Unfortunately, that .628 OPS just isn't going to cut it any longer, not when there are better options with more positional flexibility. The $2.25 million salary that Young receives this year looks to be another bad offseason bet by the O's.

Another player who might have seemed like a possible candidate to come up short in this game of musical chairs is Nolan Reimold. However, before the roster move was made, Orioles beat writers indicated that Reimold will be going on the paternity list following Sunday's game against the White Sox. That means that they can replace him on the roster for up to three days, and you know they'll use the full three days to see if someone gets injured.

Reimold going on the paternity list could be the chance they seize to add Jonathan Schoop back onto the roster, and by the end of that time, they will be near where they can give someone the old option over the All-Star Break move so that multiple of the ten days they must stay in the minor leagues will be days where there's no major league games anywhere.

Designating Young for assignment means that the Orioles have ten days to pass him through waivers, trade him, or release him. They managed to off-load Alejandro De Aza in a post-DFA trade already this year. Maybe they'll manage it again with Young. The Baltimore Sun's Dan Connolly indicated that the O's have been trying to gauge trade interest in Young.