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The Sunday afternoon Orioles game thread: vs. Walgreens, 1:35

Wei-Yin Chen takes the mound for the Orioles Sunday afternoon, probably feeling like he has to pitch a shutout for the team to win. He'll be up against Max Scherzer. Well, good luck, O's.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Something that sucks right now is the Orioles offense, and especially the Orioles offense once runners get into scoring position. Why is that? Probably because a number of pitchers, starters and relief both, are successfully using their tendency to be overaggressive hackers against them, although that's surely not the sole explanation.

On Sunday afternoon, they'll butt up against Max Scherzer, although hopefully not literally because that would probably get them suspended. Last night, they did manage to score four runs at times where there was not any RISP. Maybe they'll do the same today, or maybe they will just never get any RISP at all.

Of course the Orioles did famously win a game Scherzer started in the playoffs last year, a game where the team for which Scherzer was pitching had a far better lineup to beat than the one the O's will see today. So they're not guaranteed to lose. Just likely to lose, fall to .500 at the All-Star Break, and hopefully do a lot of thinking about what they have one over four days off.

Though, the player who seems to most need the four days off, Adam Jones, is now starting in the All-Star Game. That is a mixed blessing.

I have had to leave the house before lineups are posted this morning in order to make double, extra sure that I get my hands on one of the glorious Orioles Hawaiian shirt giveaways today. Being as you are all people of resources and intellect who have managed to find yourselves this far, I trust that you will be able to find the lineups on your own. Go O's!