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MLB All-Star Game 2015: Lineups revealed, Adam Jones in left field, batting sixth

The Orioles' Adam Jones will be manning some unfamiliar territory in the All-Star Game, and not just because the game is in Cincinnati. Jones is the starting left fielder in the AL lineup.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The American League All-Star starting lineup was revealed on Monday afternoon in Cincinnati, and it turns out that the Orioles' Adam Jones will be playing in an unfamiliar position while he's in the game. Jones is set up to be the starting left fielder for the AL, batting sixth in the lineup.

It's not surprising that Jones would get moved to the corner outfield for the All-Star Game. The two other starting outfielders, Mike Trout and Lorenzo Cain, are both also center fielders, and both of these guys were elected by the fans. So that probably gives them priority towards staying more in their natural position. Cain will be in right field, where he frequently moved in late innings last season when failed pinch runner Jarrod Dyson took over center field.

Anyway, it's cool enough Jones gets to start as a fill-in for the injured Alex Gordon by virtue of being the highest player on the player balloting. Let's not get too worked up about nothing.

The full American League starting lineup is as follows:

Order Player Position
1. Mike Trout CF
2. Josh Donaldson 3B
3. Albert Pujols 1B
4. Nelson Cruz DH
5. Lorenzo Cain RF
6. Adam Jones LF
7. Salvador Perez C
8. Jose Altuve 2B
9. Alcides Escobar SS
P Dallas Keuchel Also P

The All-Star Game being what it is, Jones will probably play for 5 innings in the field and get to bat once or twice in that time. Hopefully he'll get to do something cool, because it's fun to see the Orioles be awesome in the All-Star Game.