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Orioles lose to Rangers 2-0, killed via the small ball

The Orioles lost to the Rangers 2-0 tonight. Kevin Gausman pitched a great game for the Orioles, but Yovani Gallardo and the Texas Rangers bullpen limited the Orioles to three hits on the night.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I decided to do something a little different tonight. I plan on time stamping all of my thoughts throughout the game with a little recap as well. It might be interesting, it might be enjoyable.

7:06:00: Glad to see Kevin Gausman back, unhappy that the Orioles keep messing with him. Going up against the hot Yovani Gallardo. I''m hoping for a reverse lock kind of situation

7:07:24: First pitch was a few pitches ago. Jim Hunter really loves mentioning no decisions.

7:11:09: Gausman is all fastballs and trying to pound that outside corner. Control seems alright. Although, Prince Fielder just singled into left center field.

7:12:14: Still all fastballs to Beltre. Hard grounder, but right to Hardy. Gausman is going to have to find a different schtick the next time through the order

7:14:31: Machado up to lead if off for the Orioles. Gallardo with the 0.54 ERA in June, gets him to fly out to right field on the second pitch.

7:18:36: Jimmy Paredes with the great at bat earns a walk. I was definitely in the camp that thought he was dead in the water with his most recent slump. For his part, he seems to have really worked hard to get better and adjust.

7:20:51: Adam Jones hits a scorching ground ball to Rougned Odor which splits his legs for the error for a first and third situation. But, Chris Davis lines into a double play to first base, I really hope it's not gonna be that kind of game. The runners in scoring position regression monster is lurking over the Orioles this series.

7:24:42: First slurve(?) of the night. Got Josh Hamilton to bite. Gausman will need that pitch going forward. Followed that up with a fastball, straight change, and then the split change for the strike out. That splitter is nasty. Now he gets Shin-Soo Choo swinging with the high fastball and then he rolls over to second base on the splitter away. Gausman needs the high fastball to change eye level.

7:28:34: Wow, David Lough with the great running catch up against the wall. Nothing like a teammate getting the DFA to motivate you.

7:34:33: Gallardo looking good, other than his whole hair situation. That looks very very bad.

7:43:53: Gausman surrenders the lead off walk, rarely good. Then gets a strikeout on the high pitch. A ground ball right back to him that he can't glove and thankfully Odor tripped out of the box because that was the only way the Orioles were going to get one out. Now Orioles killer Mitch Moreland steps in and Gausman blows him away with the 96mph fastball. It's good to have heat.

7:48:56: Ryan Flaherty nearly had a FlaHRt, but just got under it enough for Choo to catch it in the shadow of the scoreboard. Flaherty can feel Jonathan Schoop breathing down his neck.

7:58:13: After singles by Lough and Manny Machado and a ground out by Paredes, Adam Jones worked a nine pitch walk. Yes, that Adam Jones, the one on the Orioles. Bases loaded for Davis with two down and he strikes out on a curve ball in the dirt. The RISP regression monster strikes again.

8:10:02: After a lead off single to Fielder, Gausman struck out Adrian Beltre on high and tight fast ball, Hamilton on another splitter, and then blew away Choo on a 97 mph fastball. But, no Gausman can't help this team. (anger)(fire)(wrath)

8:18:30: Gallardo continuing to get weak contact from the Orioles hitters. Game might come down to whichever team gets to the bullpen first.

8:24:02: Nice efficient inning from Gausman who needed one, badly. Also, got another strike out on the splitter. That pitch is so effective when he can command the fastball to all parts of the zone.

8:31:00: Gallardo with more weak contact, although Flaherty gave another one a ride. The lack of run support continues for Kevin Gausman, I fully expect Jim Hunter to mention this multiple times going forward. On to the top of 6th.

8:34:10: Odor out at third trying to stretch a double into a triple. Perfect throws from both Jones and J.J. Hardy. Defense guys, it matters.

8:37:49: First base ump makes a terrible safe call that Buck is challenging. This inning will be over. Another quick inning from Guasman who got two ground outs after the great 8-5-6 putout to lead off the inning. Gausman should have another inning in him.

8:43:33: Paredes and Jones with hard loud contact to the wrong places. And now Davis gets picked off of first after getting pitched around. The Orioles garbage base running continues, unabated. This sucks everybody.

8:54:34: Choo works a walk after a Hamilton single, one down and Gausman is coming out of the game. A good start for him, a different score and a few more innings under his belt this year, he may have finished this inning. Gausman had good command all night long and was very effective. Again, the Orioles could use him in their rotation and if they decide to get smart about it he will be. Darren O'Day now steps in to escape the jam.

9:00:55: O'Day strikes out Elvis Andrus and gets Leonys Martin to fly out to center field. Jam escaped. O'Day should be making Andrew Miller money and maybe someone will get smart this winter and pay him some damn money.

9:03:01: Gallardo is coming out which is good for the Orioles. Now they get nine outs against the Rangers bullpen to do something.

9:07:28: Welp, now they have six outs to do something.

9:14:28: Darren O'Day comes out after pitching an inning and a third, he was helped by another great play by Lough. And now I see that it is Matusz coming in to face Mitch Moreland with two down and the feeling of dread is overwhelming.

9:18:35: Moreland crushes a terrible pitch that skips off the wall to Davis which keeps Moreland at first. Matusz to face Prince Fielder. The dread continues unabated.

9:21:41: Fielder walks, Matusz cannot get his job done and continues to not be any good when it matters. I really hate watching him pitch. I am disgusted. In comes Chaz Roe to face Beltre.

9:26:19: Manny flubs a ground ball that may have been a bit difficult, but he should have made the play. Now bases loaded, two down, and Josh Hamilton steps in to face Roe. The dread is washing over me like a Tsunami.

9:28:01: Roe gets Hamilton to fly out to Jones. My overall health thanks him.

9:30:21: The Orioles only have two hits! What?

9:34:54: David Lough works the count full and laces a one out single to center field giving him a full two thirds of the Orioles hits for the night thus far. Who's taking bets that he is thrown out stealing? Anyways, Keone Kela comes in for the Rangers to face Machado who quickly grounded into an inning ending double play. What else is there to say other than UGH!.

9:45:06: Chaz Roe stays on and gives up a lead off walk to Choo. Elvis Andrus then sacrifices Choo over to second and Martin singles to center scoring Choo. Martin advances to second on the throw home. I advance closer towards throwing my television out of the window. 1-0 Rangers.

9:50:07: On a 3-2 count Odor singles into right field which scores Martin from second. Odor advances to second on the throw home from Davis and then advances to third on a bad throw from Matt Wieters who tried to nab him at second. 2-0 Rangers. In comes Tommy Hunter to face Moreland with two down. My TV is shaking in it's boots.

9:52:38: Also, where the hell is Zach Britton? Tie game at home in the ninth and no closer? Hunter gets Moreland to fly out to Jones. Here comes the 2-3-4 hitters for the Orioles.

10:01:45: Paredes flies out to center, Jones strikes out, and Davis flies out to the warning track in left. The Orioles lose 2-0 to the Rangers. All I can take from this is that I hope Kevin Gausman stays and I hope White Sox pitching will cure whatever is ailing the Orioles offense. I decided against causing my TV any harm, it remains safe for another night.

Here's the box score, if you want it for some torturous reason.

The Orioles now move to Chicago to face John Danks and the White Sox. The Orioles will run out newly minted staff ace Ubaldo Jimenez. Game time 8:10pm EST.