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Orioles recall Kevin Gausman, place Steve Pearce on disabled list

The Orioles were either going to have to DL or DFA somebody when they recalled Kevin Gausman for Wednesday's start. Turns out it's Steve Pearce to the DL, who may really have a left oblique strain.

Steve Pearce concentrates very hard on his Wingardium Leviosa.
Steve Pearce concentrates very hard on his Wingardium Leviosa.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

One imagines Dan Duquette sitting in the Orioles clubhouse, asking, "So, who's hurt right now?" He turns his baleful gaze upon Steve Pearce, Nolan Reimold, and Chris Parmelee, all of whom nervously avoid his gaze, knowing as do any privates when the sergeant is looking for volunteers that the task will be unpleasant. In this case, someone is getting voluntold to the disabled list. Yet isn't the DL better than the great DFA in the sky? Someone must step forward, surely.

And indeed, someone did. The Orioles recalled Kevin Gausman so that he could start Wednesday night's game. For the corresponding roster move, Pearce was placed on the disabled list, retroactive to July 19, with a left oblique strain. Is Pearce's left oblique actually strained? Heck, maybe it is. Maybe it's why he's not good this year, just like it was the reason offered why Chris Davis wasn't good last year. Obliques of baseball players are always getting strained.

The move is in keeping with the Orioles' reluctance to DFA anyone whenever possible this year, even when someone seems like they obviously need to be sent packing for weeks. Parmelee has a .396 OPS in July, for crying out loud. This is not really a surprising outcome.

But for now they've temporarily cleared that outfield logjam, at least for 15 days or so, just like they've been doing all year. Maybe they'll trade for an outfielder. Maybe they'll call up Dariel Alvarez. Maybe they'll just keep muddling along with these marginal players.