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Orioles Weekly Wrap: June 26th - July 2nd

Despite a 4-3 week, the Orioles remain tied for first place thanks to Ubaldo Jimenez, Chris Davis, and Jimmy Paredes.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Results and Standings

The Orioles scuffled a bit this week, going went 4-3 against the Indians and the Rangers. They scored 27 runs and allowed 23. Despite the mixed results, the team is tied for first place in the AL East at 42-37. Not only that, but their run differential of +45 run indicates they're suited to an even better record of 44-35. The team's predicted end-of-season record is up to 86-76, a record that's looking more and more like it'll be enough to contend in the AL East.

Best Hitter / Worst Hitter

After a short slump, Jimmy Paredes has returned to form recently. He put up a .350/.458/.800 line this past week, putting two balls over the wall and walking a superlative 16.7% of the time for a wRC+ of 243. Manny Machado was close behind with a wRC+ of 152. Ryan Flaherty wasn't so fortunate: his line for the week was just .250/.280/.292 with an astonishing 28% strikeout rate, good (bad?) for a paltry 44 wRC+.

Best Start / Worst Start

Ubaldo Jimenez's season is something, isn't it? A year ago, Orioles fans were bemoaning his signing, but he's having a great 2015 season so far. He proved his worth again again with an excellent start against the Indians. In eight innings he struck out seven and did not allow a walk or a long ball, leading to a stellar 1.33 FIP. He also kept over 52% of balls in play on the ground. Chris Tillman nearly matched him with a 1.37 FIP in his start.

Miguel Gonzalez wasn't even close to being good in his start, however. In his start against the Rangers he struck out only one and allowed not only three walks but also three long balls. His FIP was a ghastly 13.70 and it's not surprising he lasted only 4.1 innings.

Have a Game, Why Don't Ya!

On June 30th, the Orioles lost to the Rangers 8-6, but you can't blame Chris Davis. He opened the first inning with a two-run shot to right-center to put the Orioles up 2-0. His next time up, he blasted another two-run shot to make the score 4-2. He didn't reach base for the rest of the game, but breaking two ties did wonders for the Orioles' chance to win the game. At +39.8% he notched the Orioles' fourth-best single-game WPA so far.

Clutch Relief Appearance of the Week

Darren O'Day has been clutch all year, and in Thursday's game against the Rangers he proved it yet again. With the score tied at 0 in the top of the 7th inning and runners on first and second, he came in to strike out Elvis Andrus and retire Leonys Martin on a flyout. He retired Robinson Chirinos and Roguned Odor to start the 8th before giving way to Brian Matusz. The score would remain tied through the end of the inning, but in the top of the 9th the Rangers broke through against Chaz Roe to take a 2-0 lead and, eventually, the game.


The team embarks on an AL Central road trip, as they travel to Chicago to face the White Sox and then to Minnesota to face the Twins.