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Rounding up the Orioles in the power rankings - Week 17

There’s a consensus among columnists and rankers this week, and it’s not a pretty picture. Then again, with the way the Orioles played while getting swept by the Yankees last week, it shouldn’t be.

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Travis Snider does his best impression of the O's ranking in media polls.
Travis Snider does his best impression of the O's ranking in media polls.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports Power Rankings (16th; Last Week: 12th)

MLB has revamped their presentation of the Power Rankings, and now only go to 20 places. The O's were ranked 16th in the Experts poll (75% weight) and 15th in the Fans' Poll, so they are 16th overall. Seems about right to me. Power Poll (16th; LW: 13th)

The Worldwide Leader has the O's at the top ... of the bottom half of the league. "Should the O's trade for some hitting or pitching help, or should they start dealing away some of their impending free agents? They've been dropping in the AL East and wild-card standings, and the July 31 trade deadline is rapidly approaching. -- Matt Kremnitzer (@mattkremnitzer), Camden Depot" Power Rankings (14th; LW: 13th)

SI moves the O's down one slot. Ranking this team in the top half of the league tells me I've missed a lot of bad baseball while solely watching Orioles games. Power Rankings (15th ; LW 16th)

FoxSports moved the Orioles up one slot. Yes, go read that sentence again. Moved them up. I just ...I can't even. "Buck Showalter called rumors that Kevin Gausman is available "comical," which is a kinder word than what comes to mind when one thinks of Baltimore's track record of developing arms."

CBS Sports Power Rankings (11th; LW 15th)

And just when you can't quite understand why FoxSports moved the O's up one slot, here's CBS Sports moving them ... up four places?  One spot away from the top third of the league? Really? Just how bad is the rest of league? "They've already been exactly .500 14 different times this season. 81-81 season coming?"

USA Today Power Rankings (14th; LW 12th)

The Nation's Newspaper lands the O's in the bottom slot of the top half of the league. "Timing wasn't real hot for that four-game losing streak." Thank you, Cap't Obvious. The 30 (14th; LW 14th)

Jonah Keri keeps the Orioles in the upper half of the league, right at the 14th slot. His argument concerning the Tigers not committing to a fire sale could apply to the Orioles as well. Worth the read.

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (14th; LW 13th)

Slideshow Central sends the O's back to 14th, where they stood at the All-Star Game break. "[T]he team has some intriguing free-agents-to-be, including catcher Matt Wieters, slugger Chris Davis and left-hander Wei-Yin Chen. Then again, they could opt to hold on to all three players with an eye on potential draft-pick compensation, as Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported the Orioles intend to extend a qualifying offer to all three players at the end of the season."