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Orioles trade rumors: Team could add another outfielder - Ben Revere, Yoenis Cespedes?

The Orioles have gotten one outfielder at the trade deadline and they're still in talks that could potentially lead to them getting another. Ben Revere from the Phillies and Yoenis Cespedes from the Tigers are the ones they like.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles finally got an outfielder when they picked up Gerardo Parra from the Brewers. Maybe they aren't done upgrading that outfield, which, let's face it, probably could use more than one real outfielder as an upgrade over what's there right now. The Orioles are still talking with the Phillies about outfielder Ben Revere, who would bring them a speedy player with a good OBP who could actually bat leadoff. That's something the team simply lacks and has for some time.

On top of the rumored pursuit of Revere, you've also got ESPN's Buster Olney casually throwing out that the Orioles "could still make a Yoenis Cespedes deal work" even having gotten Parra from the Brewers. This one seems like pie-in-the-sky dreaming to me, but who knows. I suspect Olney is suggesting the Orioles have things the Tigers want and if they give up those things, they can get Cespedes.

He's probably talking about getting into the Kevin Gausman tier of player there, and who wants to do that, even for an outfielder who's sporting an .829 OPS this season? The team has a problem in the outfield, yes, but its bigger problem, short and long term, is starting pitching. Giving up Gausman for a two-month rental (or probably giving up Gausman at all) would be insane. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports confirms the high price for Cespedes would include Gausman for Baltimore.

Don't get your hopes up for Revere, either, because he is drawing interest from the Blue Jays as well, who seem to be determined to get all of the players at this trading deadline. And when looking at Revere, a player with two more years of control - at arbitration prices that will increase from this year's $4.1 million - the cost for him will or maybe should be unpalatable. That's the way it is when you have a mostly empty farm system. There's not any word yet about what the Phillies might want from the O's for him, though.

Revere, 27, is batting .298/.334/.379 this season. Not an impressive slugging percentage by any means, but the average and on-base percentage are in line with his career performance, so unlike the recently-acquired Parra, there's no reason to suspect or fear regression there. Revere stole 49 bases last year and he's stolen 24/29 bases this year. Again, that's a player with a skill set the Orioles simply don't have, so you can see why he'd draw interest.

Remember always the law of baseball rumors: Probably nothing will happen. But then sometimes it does. There are four hours to go until the non-waiver deadline. Perhaps Dan Duquette will do something else in that time.