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Orioles designate Chris Parmelee for assignment as Gerardo Parra reports

Another Orioles player has gone to the great DFA in the sky. Chris Parmelee's time has finally run out. He has a .414 OPS over the last 28 days, so it's not much of a mystery why he's getting sent out as newly-acquired Oriole Gerardo Parra arrives.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The chicken parm has gone bad. Amidst the flurry of roster moves in the aftermath of the trade deadline on Friday, the Orioles designated Chris Parmelee for assignment. The move does not come as a surprise to anyone who has watched Parmelee for the last month.

You could kind of figure that when the Orioles acquired left-handed hitting outfielder Gerardo Parra from the Brewers, there would be a left-handed hitter whose time with the O's would be coming to an end. Parmelee's occasional appearances at first base pushed Chris Davis into the outfield. The results were occasionally bad.

It was worth it to take a chance on Parmelee. At the time they called him up, he was batting .312/.381/.444 in Norfolk and he was about to opt out, so why not give him a shot? They gave him a shot. He had a good first week or so. Since then, not so much. Some people are good enough for Triple-A and not good enough for MLB. That's just the way of it.

When you're a right fielder/first baseman and you're batting .216/.255/.433, that's just not going to cut it... especially when your number over the last 28 days are .163/.182/.233. Ouch.

The O's were able to, and also had to, designate Parmelee because Parra arrived in time for Friday's game. Parra, who will be the 1000th Orioles player in history whenever he makes his O's debut, is not in the starting lineup for the game, though he is in the stadium.