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Birds Up, O's Down - 2015 Week 13

Who's hot and who's not for the Baltimore Orioles over the 13th week of the 2015 regular season.

Chris Davis
Chris Davis
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Starting Pitchers

Wei-Yin Chen


After an involuntary week off, WYC showed he's just fine in the fitness department, throwing 8 full innings while allowing just 2 runs and 4 hits.

Kevin Gausman


Gausman forced the Orioles' hand in his placement in the rotation with a fantastic 6.1 innings of shut-out ball on just 4 hits and 1 walk with 7 strikeouts. He simply had to get at least another start or two after that.

Miguel Gonzalez

One horrible start on Tuesday (4.1 IP, 6R, 8H, 3BB, 1K ) followed by one great one on Sunday (6.0 IP, 1R, 4H, 1BB, 3K). The positive equaled the negative, so call it a push for the week.

Ubaldo Jimenez


The O's lost his only start this week, but it certainly wasn't due to Jimenez's effort. He went 7.0 IP allowing just 1 run. It was a bit of a damage control start, as he allowed 6 hits and 2 walks while striking out just 4, but the White Sox did put just the lone run on the board with a solo home run. That's a positive in my book.

Bud Norris


Ever had a day so bad your boss called you into his office and said "We need to find a new place that will better make use of your talents?" That was Bud's week. A dumpster fire of start against Texas saw Norris give up 5 runs in 6.0 IP on 9 hits, 4 of which were home runs. He earned a bit of redemption (and an unfortunate loss) in his first relief action of the year, pitching 2.2 innings Saturday against Chicago and being charged with the winning run.

Chris Tillman


Tillman may have only surrendered 2 runs in his 4.2 innings against Chicago, but when you take 103 pitches to record 14 outs, that's a bad outing.

Bullpen Pitchers

Brad Brach


Brach pitched in two games before Sunday, and didn't allow his inherited runner to score, nor anyone else. Three of the 12 batters he faced did reach base (2 hits, 1 walk), so that needs to improve, but in the end, no one scored on his watch this week. Call him The Chaperone, I suppose.

Zach Britton


No one reached base this past week against Britton through Saturday. He struck out 4 of the 6 batters he faced.

Tommy Hunter


Thursday worked out just fine last week for Hunter - 1 batter faced, 1 batter out. But Monday? Hoo boy. Not so good. 2.0 IP, 3 R, 4H, 1BB, 2K. That's bowling shoe ugly.

Brian Matusz


Two of his six batters faced reached base, and allowed a 1.100 OPS for the week. Thank God he didn't have any inherited runners.

Darren O'Day

Only 1 of his 7 batters faced reached base and he struck out 2 others while walking none and allowing no runs of his own. But he did allow a base runner left over from Bud Norris to score on Saturday, and that was the winning run for the Sox. That's a big flaw on an otherwise good week.

Chaz Roe


Not a good week for the Chazter through Saturday. Six of 13 batters reached base, one by home run, and he gave up 4 runs in just 2.0 total innings. On the plus side, neither of his inherited runners scored.


Caleb Joseph


Caleb's kid should have been well fed this week, as Daddy slashed .333/.400/.333/.733 over his 10 PAs through Saturday.

Matt Wieters


Not a good week at the plate through Saturday for Wieters, as he was held hitless for the week over 12 plate appearances.


Chris Davis

Crush had a very Chris Davis week, slashing .261/.292/.522/.813 with 2 HR and 1 BB while striking out 7 times over  23 AB. That's about as Chris Davis as it gets right now.

Ryan Flaherty

As happy as we all are for Dat Smile's return at 2B, it comes at a cost, and that's Ryan Flaherty's roster spot. Flahrt slashed just .158/.200/.211/.411 with 3 hits, scored 2 runs and walked once while striking out 7 times over 20 PA in his last week. Although knowing Dan Duquette, he'll be back up by the time this is posted.

J.J. Hardy

J.J. slashed .222/.364/.389/.753 with 4 H, 2 R, 4 BB and 5 K over 22 PAs. So, he's not hitting, but he is getting on base. With his defense, you'd be justified in wanting more, but can't really complain about what you're getting.

Manny Machado

The batting average dipped a bit through Saturday, slashing .261/.292/.565/.857 with 2 HR and a 2B, a BB and 3 Ks in 24 PAs. But the power's back, and the arm is still a cannon, and he's got his BFF back at 2B, so I'm guessing all's right in the baseball world for Hakuna Machado.

Jimmy Paredes


It wasn't his greatest week, and The Hit Paredes slashed .200/.250/.400/.650 with just 3 H in 16 PAs and a walk, 3 Ks and 1 HR. But he did get promoted to J.J.'s backup at shortstop, which I think is Buck Showalter's way of saying J.J. isn't getting a day off.

Chris Parmelee


Parmelee went 1-for-15 with 4 Ks. There's no good way to spin that. That's a bad week. Get better Chris Parmelee. Or you can say "Hi!" to Delmon Young. Oops, spoiler alert.

Steve Pearce

Pearce only saw the plate 7 times, but he did get 2 hits through Saturday, and one of those was a double.


Adam Jones


Let's not kid ourselves, Jones hasn't looked right since he came back from five days rest from a shoulder injury. He was 4-for-23 through Saturday, and only one was a extra-base hit, a double. No, he's not going to be sat down unless he's so injured he can't play, because he's earned that right on this team. Just gotta hope he gets it together offensively sooner rather than later.

David Lough

Lough didn't bat much this week, but he did go 2-for-4 in his limited chances.

Nolan Reimold


Reimold also had just 7 PAs, and went 1-for-6. He gets a down arrow, but he's gonna be a daddy, again, so I don't think he minds much.

Travis Snider


Rough week for Snider, as he went 1-for-10. I get the feeling Delmon Young may not be the only one needing change of address form. Oops, spoiler alert again!

Delmon Young

Three letters - D.F.A. But you already knew that by now.

Disabled List

Jason Garcia

He starts a rehab stint today, so the 30-day clock is ticking. After that, he's either back to Baltimore or offered back to Boston.

Jonathan Schoop


He was reinstated to the roster for Sunday's game, and homered in his first at-bat, and then made a great relay throw to 3B to gun down a White Sox runner. Don't ever leave us again, Dat Smile!

Wesley Wright

He pitched one inning on June 16 and disappeared back into the ether.