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Orioles Plays of the Week: Diving catches, grand salamis, and infield doubles

It's our new weekly feature! Check out the plays below and vote for your favorite.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Welcome to a new Camden Chat weekly post: Plays of the Week. We've got great catches, we've got dongs, we've got...infield doubles? I've checked the highlights of every game over the last week (August 2-8) and put together the cream of the crop for you all to see.

I need your help for future posts. I want this to be a community feature, where you help me find the plays. So as you're watching games this year, if you see an awesome play, say something! Make a comment in the gamethread with some identifying information about the play and #birdland. So for highlight below you'd say something like, "Great catch by Jones, 1st inning, #birdland." The #birdland will help me easily find all comments in the gamethreads, and the identifying information will help me find the highlights. Got it? Good. If someone has already commented with the play you like, rec it! Now, on to the highlights.

Jones Robs Crisp - 8/4/15

Adam Jones and Coco Crisp took turns robbing each other when the Orioles were in Oakland last week. Crisp couldn't do anything but throw his hands up at Adam's full-out dive to snag this sinking liner. Adam Jones is pretty good, y'all.

Caleb Catches Semien Napping - 8/5/15

When I was looking up highlights from the past week, it occurred to me that I could have easily decided to write a post including only highlights from Caleb Joseph. Joseph made just three starts over the last week but he had two hits in each of his starts with two home runs and three doubles. In addition to this highlight of Caleb picking off Marcus Semien at third base, he also threw out two of five would-be base stealers (40%). But enough about that, on to the highlight I did choose:

The Grand Dong - 8/5/15

Chris Davis is a strong mammal. He hits the ball hard and he hits it far. But few of his dongs this year have been as clutch as the extra-innings grand slam he hit against the A's last Wednesday. The Orioles and A's had been tied at 3-3 since the sixth inning, and after the first two Orioles reached in the 10th, the A's made the curious decision to intentionally walk Gerardo Parra to load the bases for Adam Jones. Jones popped out, but the table was still set for Thor, who crushed his 28th dinger to give the Orioles a 7-3 lead.

Nolan Nails Aybar - 8/7/15

Friday night's 8-4 loss didn't give us much to cheer about, but this sweet throw from Nolan Reimold is worth watching again. When the Nolan movie finally gets made, we'll have plenty of highlights like this one thrown in.

Matt Wieters's Infield Double - 8/8/15

This gem happened on Saturday night in the O's 5-0 win over the Angels. It's not exactly a play that shows off the athletic prowess of Matt Wieters; running is probably the thing he does worst on the baseball field. But Wieters kept his head in the game and turned an error by the Angels' pitcher into an infield double. Check out that blazing speed!

Jones Turns Two - 8/8/15

Adam Jones is the only member of the two-highlight club this week, and he's deserving. With his team down by five in the ninth inning, Mike Trout tagged up a fly ball to center field. It was a terrible send given their big deficit, but oh well. Worked ouf for the O's! Trout was originally called safe, but review showed that Jones nailed him. I've included a GIF here because the video is almost three minutes long, but to see some awesome finger guns by Jones, go to the highlight and fast foward to 2.27.