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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Ugh. If extra inning losses are bad, extra inning losses on the west coast are the worst. The Orioles missed a chance to pick up games in the division and wild card standings and to make matters worse, may also now be dealing with a resurgent Rays squad in addition to the annoying, unsinkable Jays. A win today salvages a series win and a winning road trip. For those of us on the right coast, today's start is 3:40. Conduct your affairs accordingly.

Matt Wieters of Baltimore Orioles leaves with injured hamstring
"Orioles catcher Matt Wieters left Tuesday's 6-5 loss to the Seattle Mariners with a right hamstring strain."

The Good, the Bad, and the Ubaldo: The Mercurial Nature of Baltimore’s Would-Be Ace (Grantland) " Baltimore its best shot at an ace-caliber outing on any given night." Think on THAT.

San Diego Padres sign Bud Norris, ex-Baltimore Orioles pitcher - MLB -
Bud's back in an environment probably more suitable for his game.

Orioles Acquire Matt Buschmann, Jason Stoffel - MLB Trade Rumors After trades and a spate of injuries, the Orioles look to bolster their minor league depth.

2015 Major League Best Tools -
Players and managers grade their peers and some usual suspects get their propers (Triple A version has also been issued).

Camden Depot: Chris Davis Might Well Be Gone What might the next Chris Davis contract look like? Will the O's foot the bill?

On this day in 1985, Wayne Gross and Larry Sheets hit back to back, ninth inning pinch homers, but the Orioles fell to the Indians 8-5 anyways. Longtime PA announcer Rex Barney passed away on this day in 1997. The Orioles played that day's game against Oakland without a PA announcer in tribute.

It's the birthday of "Captain" Lew Ford. Organizational footnote Bob Bonner also celebrates a birthday today. Shortstop Bonner made his major league debut in 1981, but was obviously eclipsed by Cal Ripken, Jr. Bonner retired from baseball and has done missionary work in Africa since.