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Another Orioles outfielder bites the dust: David Lough to the great DFA in the sky

What does it say about a team when they have to DFA five outfielders over the course of a season? Nothing good. The Orioles sent David Lough packing on Friday; he was the fifth.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The parade of suck that has marched through the Orioles corner outfield spots in 2015 has suffered another casualty. On Friday afternoon, David Lough received a one-way rocket trip to the great DFA in the sky.

Lough being designated is only surprising in the sense that the corresponding move the Orioles made was recalling catcher Steve Clevenger from Norfolk. Often, though of course not always, such moves are made when the team has soured on a particular player so they are replacing that player with their immediate roster successor.

That's not the case here. The O's just want some extra insurance backing up Caleb Joseph as the catcher, since Matt Wieters is potentially unavailable for a few days due to a hamstring issue.

There was no argument to be made for keeping Lough any longer. He just can't hit well enough to justify a roster spot. Of all of the horrible-hitting outfielders the Orioles have DFA'd to this point in the year, Lough has a worse batting line than all of them. He is quite literally the worst of the worst, probably surviving only up until now because the Orioles could pretend he was usable as a late-inning defensive replacement (fair) or pinch runner (he's been thrown out four times in six steal attempts).

I mean, what else are you supposed to do with a guy who's batting .202/.243/.318? A team that's still operating with the belief that it has a chance at the playoffs can't just throw that guy out in an outfield spot every day and hope suddenly with consistent playing time he'll figure it all out. He is 29 years old. This is who he is. And that's why he's gone.