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Orioles Plays of the Week: Walk offs, barehanded grabs, and Billy Butler

Check out the top plays from the last week of Orioles baseball and vote for your favorite.

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

It's week two of our new series - Orioles Plays of the Week. If you see any plays during the upcoming week that you think should be includeded, drop a comment in the gamethread for that game with a brief description of the play and #birdland.

Adam Jones's Extra-Inning Catch - 8/9

The Orioles ended up losing this game in 11 innings, which stinks. But when the outcome was still uncertain in the 10th inning, Taylor Featherston hit a drive to deep center field that could have ended up as a double. But Jones chased it down to end the inning and give the O's offense another chance to come up big (even though they didn't).

Machado's Barehanded Grab - 8/10

I sometimes feel like I take Manny Machado's defense for granted. This play, for example, is one that he makes all the time. But in a game when the offense only scores three runs, plays like this could make or break you. Manny made sure the Mariners didn't get a baserunner thanks to a cheap hit with his smooth all-in-one motion to barehand the ball and throw to first to get Austin Jackson.

Just Stop, Billy Butler - 8/14 & 8/15

Billy Butler is a big slow man who apparently thinks that he is not a big slow man. In back-to-back games this weekend, Butler was thrown out trying to get an extra base. And while Butler may be big and slow, you still gotta make the play to get the out, and the Orioles did just that. On Friday night it was Adam Jones who nailed Butler at the plate, and on Saturday it was Gerardo Parra who gunned him down at second base.

All the Walk Offs

Just as the Orioles enjoyed throwing out Billy Butler in back-to-back games this weekend, they also enjoyed hitting walk-off home runs in back-to-back games. Both were fun and both were dramatic, so how could I choose just one? On Friday night the Orioles and A's played into the thirteenth inning. It was approaching midnight as fans at the stadium waited for fireworks and fans at home tried not to fall asleep, and finally Manny Machado took care of business. On Saturday, Chris Davis didn't wait for extra innings, but his home run was hit on a pitch so low and outside of the strike zone that it's almost crazy that he was able hit it at all, let alone over the fence. I've spent a lot of time the last few weeks thinking about how much I'll miss Chris Davis next year.