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Orioles beat Mets 5-4, Urrutia hits his 1st home run walk off style

The Orioles beat the Mets 5-4 in a back and forth game that ended in pure elation with a walk off home run from Henry Urrutia for his first career major league dinger.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles had somehow lost nine straight games to the New York Mets over the course of the last five years coming into the night. That streak was ceremoniously ended tonight as the Orioles won 5-4.

The game started off poorly enough for the Orioles. Ubaldo Jimenez, tonight's Orioles starter, actually managed to not give up a lead off home run to Curtis Granderson, but quickly amended the situation by giving up a solo home run to Daniel Murphy. To be fair to Jimenez, it was on a pitch that was way inside and Murphy simply turned on it and pulled straight on to the flag court. Such are the travails of pitching in Camden Yards. 1-0 Mets.

The first inning against young Mets pitcher (aren't they all young?) Noah Syndergaard started off promising enough. Manny Machado laced the first pitch of the game to the right center field gap for a double. Gerardo Parra then singled and Adam Jones walked on four pitches to load the bases with no one down. The current human conflagration Chris Davis stepped in. Surely the Orioles would take the lead in this inning you thought. Welp, surely you are wrong.  Davis worked  a great at bat to nine pitches, but swung through a curve ball to strike out and Jonathan Schoop continued his bad streak from yesterday and grounded into a 4-3 double play. Inning over, rally over, mind lost.

The game moseyed along from there, with each pitcher getting through the third and fourth innings with relative ease. For Jimenez however, the top of the fourth came along. With two outs, and no one on, Jimenez gave up two walks, after allowing a previous walk in the same inning that was caught stealing, and allowed Wilmer Flores to single in another run. 2-0 Mets. Jimenez wriggled out of the jam to prevent anymore damage.

The Orioles would quickly get the run back in the fourth. Adam Jones led off the inning with a ground rule double and after another nine pitch at bat Davis walked. In stepped the so called Pride of Pigtown Steve Clevenger who continued his hot hitting with a single up the middle scoring Jones easily. However, the rally would short circuit there after a strike out and a line out. 2-1 Mets.

As soon as the Orioles brought it to within one run, the Mets took it right back to two runs with a lead off double by Granderson followed up by a run scoring single from Murphy. 3-1 Mets. Jimenez got through the rest of the fifth without surrendering another run. Final line on the night, 5.0 innings pitched, 5 hits, 3 runs, 4 walks, and 6 strikeouts on 94 pitches. A nice five and dive into the shallow end from Ubaldo.

The Orioles would finally touch up Syndergaard in the sixth inning. Davis led off the inning with a double and in stepped the goat from last night and the goat from earlier in the game Schoop. Schoop swung through two breaking balls and somehow laid off one that hit the dirt. Syndergaard went back to the breaking ball again, but hung one on the inner half and Schoop yanked it down the right field line for a two run home run. The Mets got a cheapie and so did the Orioles. 3-3.

This seesaw of a game only continued in the top of the seventh. Mychal Givens, working in his second inning of relief, gave up a home run on a slider that did not slide to Flores, now 4-3 Mets. Yet, the seesaw came back, with two outs in the bottom of the seventh Adam Jones ripped the first pitch from Hansel Robles (A+ name) into the Orioles bullpen. 4-4, all tied again.

The teams were quiet in the eighth and besides some BABIP shenanigans in the top of the ninth, Zach Britton had a clean inning. The 8-9-1 hitters were up for the Orioles, but nine and one would not be needed. In stepped Henry Urrutia against Carlos Torres. Urrutia took a 1-2 fastball on the outer third and smashed it into the left field seats for the win. That was his first career home run and only second career extra base hit. You have to feel good for a guy like Urrutia who has struggled to get back the majors, earned his spot back after working on his game and his body. Not to mention being a Cuban defector. A good guy who shined for a night.

The Orioles win. Zach Britton is the winning pitcher and Carlos Torres was hung with the loss. The Orioles play tomorrow night at 7:05pm as Miguel Gonzalez faces Tyler Duffey for the opener of a four game set against the Twins.

Our fearless leader, Mark Brown, asks for a poll for the Most Birdland Player of the night and I will oblige. But, I have a feeling I know who it will be.