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Monday Bird Droppings

Noted pitchman and all time great shortstop, Cal Ripken, Jr.
Noted pitchman and all time great shortstop, Cal Ripken, Jr.
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Sweeps, splits...for good or ill, this past homestand exemplified the dizzying highs, terrifying lows and creamy middle of the 2015 Baltimore Orioles. A veritable pu pu platter of results. Hey, but...the Orioles have been okay on the road, right?

[crickets chirping]

Manny Machado boiled over after a heartbreaking Baltimore Orioles loss - Baltimore Orioles - ESPN
If there's a current O you'd figure to go off script, would it be Manny Machado? Not Crash Davis approved.

Baltimore Orioles: Did Buck Showalter over-manage?
"Did late-game decisions by Buck Showalter effectively over-manage the Baltimore Orioles out of a shot at winning?"

The Depressing Reality of the Orioles' Rotation - Baltimore Sports and Life Do you sense a certain mood this morning?

Kevin Gausman and the Tale of Two Catchers (Baseball Essential)
Four out of five members of Baltimore's rotation prefer Caleb Joseph.

Camden Depot: O's Swept By Twins; So, Now What? I'll tell you what.

On this day in 2002, Mike Bordick broke Cal Ripken's record for consecutive chances (428) at shortstop without an error. Former Cy Young winner, front office executive and broadcaster Mike Flanagan passed away on this day in 2011. Chris Davis hit three home runs against the Rangers on this day in 2012. Adrian Beltre had hit three home runs in their previous matchup.

Cal Ripken, Jr. turns 55 today. Silver Spring native Nick Adenhart would have been 29.