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The Monday night Orioles game thread: at Royals, 8:10

It's the first time the Orioles will face the Royals all season. That's weird for late August. It's also really bad timing for an O's team that just got swept by the Twins. Maybe they'll fix things tonight. Probably not.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After this weekend, I hardly want to even think about the Orioles, let alone write about them. Yet I discharge my duty to post this thread for you all the same, because that is what the blogger must do. Also I have to recap this game. More's the pity. Maybe it won't suck. Probably it will.

I mean, really, Ubaldo Jimenez, who basically doesn't hold runners, with Matt Wieters catching, who's still only allowed to catch every other day even though he's been back for nearly three months? He'll walk everyone and then they'll steal on him.

Then on the other side of the ball, the Orioles will face the resurrected Kris Medlen, who did not pitch at all in MLB in 2014 and has yet to make a start in 2015. He's appeared in seven games in relief for the Royals. I think we all know what's going to be happening in this game, and yet here we are, getting ready to watch it it, fools that we are.

Today's Lineups

Manny Machado - 3B Alcides Escobar - SS
Gerardo Parra - RF Ben Zobrist - LF
Adam Jones - CF Lorenzo Cain - CF
Chris Davis - 1B Eric Hosmer - 1B
Steve Clevenger - DH Kendrys Morales - DH
Matt Wieters - C Mike Moustakas - 3B
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Salvador Perez - C
Henry Urrutia - LF Alex Rios - RF
Ryan Flaherty - SS Omar Infante - 2B
Ubaldo Jimenez - RHP Kris Medlen - RHP