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The Tuesday night non-Orioles non-game thread: not at Royals, 8:10pm

If you want to watch the Orioles tonight, it's cool. Just go to our game thread. If you don't want to watch the Orioles, listen to the Orioles, or think in any way about the Orioles, this is the place for you.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Orioles have now lost five games in a row and maybe you've had enough of thinking about them, but you haven't had enough of coming around and hanging out with the fine people of this website, with whom you often hang out and think about the Orioles.

If this description applies to you, then this is the place for you - the non-Orioles non-game thread for Tuesday night, where there is to be absolutely, positively no discussion of the Orioles, or anything to do with the Orioles, for any reason whatsoever.

List of forbidden topics:

The Orioles, current and former
Anything else that rhymes with "Orioles"
IndyCar driver Oriol Servia
Oreo cookies
States, countries, and any local government entities whose names begin or end with the letter "O"

Anything else is fair game, subject to the usual Camden Chat game thread guidelines (e.g. please refrain from discussing politics, posting endless streams of GIFs, etc.) Maybe you are going to watch some of the night's fine prime time programming and you want to live blog about it, or maybe you want to tell us about how your boss sucks (probably make sure your boss won't end up reading and tracing it back to you first), talk about movies, whatever.

Just not the Orioles, tonight's Orioles game, or anything else that might remind us of the Orioles.

Here's one to get you started: What television show's pending return has you most excited? What do you like about it?