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The Wednesday night Orioles game thread: at Royals, 8:10

Slowly but surely, we are running out of things to say about the Orioles present struggles. Maybe they will stop this losing streak on Wednesday against the Royals, with their best starter, Wei-Yin Chen, on the mound.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

What new horror awaits tonight? That's the kind of question the last six games have left me wondering as I ponder tonight's Orioles game. They are skydiving without a parachute right now. The fact that you're losing the war against gravity really only matters when you hit the surface.

I read a headline for a blog post that I did not click on earlier today. The headline indicated that the problem with the Orioles is that they don't have the swagger of the Royals. That's how dire it has gotten. A person can actually advocate a position like that, presumably with a straight face. Granted, this particular writer may not have ever once had a point that I agreed with - but there was just something extra hilarious about seeing this article's tweet show up on the Camden Chat timeline this morning.

Anyway, swag when you're losing is just kind of dumb.

They're seriously depressing lately, though. I'm bummed about them and it's shifting steadily into the kind of numbness that I remember from the dark years. I don't want it to be like that. I'd like for them to snap out of it at least enough to hang around in the periphery of the playoff chase for another couple of weeks - and after they fall out of that picture, at least hang around above .500 so we don't have to spend all offseason wondering if we just saw the first of a new streak of losing seasons.

Today's Lineups

Manny Machado - 3B Alcides Escobar - SS
Gerardo Parra - RF Ben Zobrist - LF
Adam Jones - CF Lorenzo Cain - CF
Chris Davis - 1B Eric Hosmer - 1B
Matt Wieters - C Kendrys Morales - DH
Steve Pearce - LF Mike Moustakas - 3B
Jimmy Paredes - DH Salvador Perez - C
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Paulo Orlando - RF
Ryan Flaherty - SS Omar Infante - 2B
Wei-Yin Chen - LHP Johnny Cueto - RHP