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Orioles Plays of the Week: The new guys flash leather, Schoop hits a bomb

The Orioles may have spent the last week throwing away their playoff hopes, but they did make a few good plays along the way. Too bad they couldn't score more runs along with it.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

We all know that over the last week the Orioles won exactly one game. In short, this entire week stunk. But there were a few good plays made by the Orioles from August 23rd through the 29th, even if most of them didn't help the Birds actually win a game.

Machado's Laser Throw - 8/24

A loss is a loss is a loss, but this game was the most brutal loss of the week for the Orioles as they gave up eight runs against the Royals. But Manny Machado actually had a few good plays on this night, including this one that got Mike Moustakas at first base. The shift was on in this play, with Machado playing at the natural shortstop position. He covered a lot of ground to get to this ball, then fired a great throw. A lot of times that very play would end with a runner on first, but not with Manny at third.

Janish's Diving Stop - 8/28

With J.J. Hardy landing on the disabled list, Paul Janish has taken his spot at shortstop. He's already made a few good plays, including this diving stop that he was able to flip to Jonathan Schoop at second base for the out. Janish also got a hit in this game, his first in the majors since 2013.

Schoop's Monster Home Run - 8/26

The Orioles rained home runs in this game, their only win in the seven-day span. Jonathan Schoop's home run was not only the most impressive of the five hit in this game, it was probably the most impressive homer by an Oriole this season. MLB Statcast measured it at 484.4 feet, which is insane. The ESPN Home Run Tracker "only" measured it at 454, which is still the longest HR for an Oriole this season.

Alvarez Throws Out Beltre - 8/28

For those of us who have been hearing about Dariel Alvarez since he first joined the O's farm system, one thing that we heard time and again was about his cannon of an arm. He made good on that hype with the very first play he ever made in the majors. With Adrian Beltre at third base, Alvarez caught a fly ball and threw a liner straight to the plate to nail Beltre. Not bad, rook!

Joseph Throws Out Alberto - 8/29

This one is for commenter PT Cello, who requested some of Caleb Joseph's sweet behind-the-plate action. It's also because it was a nice play. I wonder if good defensive plays also serve to feed Caleb's baby?