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Mancini, Gunkel among Orioles minor leaguers who improved their stock this season

The Orioles have had a few interesting prospects putting up nice statistical years in the minor leagues that are less heralded than some other prospects, this is a non exhaustive list of those such players.

I chose a random picture because I could not find one of these guys, this is Christian Walker by the way
I chose a random picture because I could not find one of these guys, this is Christian Walker by the way

The Orioles major league team is playing so poorly I have sought good baseball elsewhere. As the minor league season is winding down I scanned the Orioles minor league teams for some statistical break out players. Some of these guys you have probably heard of before, some in passing, and some maybe not at all. They are listed from highest level in the organization to the lowest level. Third part scouting reports will be provided when available.

Trey Mancini

Drafted in 8th round of the 2013 draft Mancini is a first baseman who has hit a little previously in the minors, but this year has brought the thunder. After posting a .735 OPS between Delmarva and Frederick  last season Mancini came into the year back in Frederick at 23 years old. Getting too old for prospect status at that level. So he went out and decided hitting baseballs really hard was a good idea.

In 2015, between Frederick and Bowie Mancini has posted a .923 OPS including a .962 OPS at Bowie. He has racked up 40 doubles, 6 triples, and 19 home runs as well. The right handed hitter still has far to go because of his ability to only play first base he is going to have to hit a ton.

Joe Gunkel

Picked up in the blockbuster Alejandro De Aza trade earlier in the year from Boston, Gunkel has shown the hitters of the Eastern league what "The Gunk" is all about. The 18th rounder right handed pitcher, only 23, has posted a 2.81 ERA  in the minor leagues this year, but the majority of that time has been in Bowie where he has pitched to a  2.77 ERA in 97.1 innings. With 7.0 K/9 and a 1.7 BB/9 his peripheral numbers are decent. He throws from a low arm slot  sitting mostly 89-92 on the fastball with a change up and slider.

This scouting report from last season has Gunkel rated pretty low, with a realistic role as an organizational player, but all he can do is continue to go and get people out.

Ariel Miranda

An under $1 million Cuban signee, Miranda has asserted himself with authority in the Orioles organization in 2015. He is 26, but throws 90-94 with a splitter, slider, and a change up all coming for the left side. Miranda has posted a 2.84 ERA this year across three levels as the Orioles have worked him into the organization. He has a 9.2 K/9 and a 2.8 BB/9 which will play just about anywhere. Although, being 26 does hamper his status as he is older than most of the league, but the fact that he is a Cuban defector changes that calculus a bit.

Chris Lee

Lee was picked up in the middle of the season by trading some international bonus slot money the Orioles were never going to use (I'll just skip right over that, that's going to be for a more rant based post) to the Astros. Lee is a big left hander standing at 6'4". According to this scouting report, he can pump a fastball up to 95 mph and struggles with consistent secondary pitches.

The Orioles tinkered with his mechanics a bit and have received some good results (for once). In 2015 he has posted a 3.13 ERA, but that includes 28 innings at Bowie of a 2.25 ERA. His peripheral numbers leave something to be desired only posting a 6.1 K/9 at Bowie alongside a 4.8 BB/9. While those numbers shouldn't elicit outrageous excitement, the 6'4" frame and 95 mph fastball should.

Cedric Mullins

A 2015 draftee out of Campbell University in the 13th round Mullins has put up some intriguing numbers in Aberdeen. He only has a .679 OPS, but he has shown some good plate discipline while doing so walking 22 times compared to only 30 strike outs. This scouting report on Mullins gives a solid hit tool with above average speed and defense in center field. The switch hitter has a long way to go, but it seems as if the Orioles may have found a nugget hidden in the 13th round.

Ryan Meisinger

I cannot find a single reliably sourced scouting report on Meisinger so I have no idea what he throws. He was drafted this year in the 11th round out of Radford University and he happens to be a right handed pitcher that is 6'4" 240 lbs. That's a big man. He has been pitching out the bullpen for Aberdeen it appears as a part time closer. He has pitched 20.2 innings in Aberdeen posting a 2.18 ERA. More impressive than both his massive size and minuscule ERA however is his 30 strike outs to 4 walks. That's good for a 13.1 K/9 and a 1.7 BB/9. Again, no idea what he throws, but so far it is working.


It is important to remember that statistical break outs in the minor leagues happen. They can be fleeting. These are only a few I noticed and they may be some guys you hear about more this off season. If you also happen to be a minor league box score peruser, post some of your break out guys in the comment section below.