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Power Polls - O's in media rankings (Week 18)

The O’s had a pretty good week, but it didn’t impress national writers much. The O’s stay pretty much where they were last week.

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High fives for everyone!
High fives for everyone!
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports Power Rankings (14th; Last Week: 16th)

MLB has revamped their presentation of the Power Rankings, and now only go to 20 places. The O's were ranked 14th in the Experts poll (75% weight) and 15th in the Fans' Poll, so they are 14th overall. So, instead of being the best of the worst, they're the second- worst of the best. Seems about right to me. Power Poll (13th; LW: 16th)

Up three spots in the Worldwide Leader's poll. "The Orioles hope Gerardo Parra can give the top of their lineup a boost while shoring up their corner outfield." -- Matt Kremnitzer (@mattkremnitzer),Camden Depot Power Rankings (13th; LW: 14th)

SI moves the O's back up to 13th, where they were two weeks ago. So, the last half-month may have felt pretty bipolar to O's fans, but apparently not to the rankings staff at SI. Power Rankings (13th ; LW 15th)

I want to be mad at the FoxSports poll since it's run by the computer geeks at Baseball Prospectus, but they keep being, well, right. "You know the Orioles are serious about contending this year because they deemed a 25-year-old rookie reliever all but untouchable in trade talks."

CBS Sports Power Rankings (11th; LW 11th)

CBS doesn't do a thing with the O's this week. Leaves ‘em right where they were. "They're in another groove, so does that mean another dry spell is right around the corner? It's been their MO this season."

USA Today Power Rankings (14th; LW 14th)

The Nation's Newspaper lands the O's in the bottom slot of the top half of the league for the second week in a row. "Remember me? Chris Davis has quietist 26 HR's, 72 RBI season in majors." The 30 (13th; LW 14th)

Jonah Keri keeps the Orioles in the upper half of the league, moving them up one slot to 13th.

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (N/A; LW 14th)

Instead of doing a Power Poll for this week, Slideshow Central decided to project one for the 2018 season. They're seriously projecting a full lineup for three years from now. Whatever. Anyway, they have the O's in 23rd. Like we even know what the lineup will be in 2016, let alone 2018. "The long-term outlook of the Baltimore Orioles rests heavily on the development and health of a trio of young pitchers in Kevin Gausman, Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey. Chris Tillman will also be a free agent after the 2017 season, so whether the team decides to re-sign him will certainly have an impact on the rotation."