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Podcast: No hope for the 2015 Orioles, but there's always next year

When there's a stretch between Camdencasts that saw the Orioles lose 15 of 19, you know there's not so much positive to say. Mark and Alex turn their lonely eyes to 2016 instead.

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Our hopes for the 2015 Orioles have washed away down the drain, which leaves us to start to ponder things about next year's team. The Orioles are pretty much stuck with Chris Tillman and Miguel Gonzalez, but what will they actually get out of those guys? Who knows? Will they bring back Chris Davis, and if so, how much of the available money from their offseason budget will that take up?

There aren't any easy questions facing the Orioles right now. On top of those, they will also have to figure out whether or not to make a qualifying offer to Matt Wieters, a decision that seemingly becomes more dicey as each passing day goes by towards when the Orioles must make that choice.

With not much going well for the Orioles, we must find what joy there is in the season that remains, a set of things that, for me at least, includes enjoyment at the glorious collapse of the Nationals. But don't worry - it's mostly about the Orioles and things like whether they're better off losing for a better draft pick (yes, but only if they're losers) and what kind of crappy starter they might add at the cost of a draft pick - like Ian Kennedy.

This podcast has a running time of about 1:20, and you will find all this and more in the episode, along with the usual digressions and silliness, because really, if we aren't going to laugh, we'd probably cry instead.

If you've ever got any feedback for the podcast, please feel free to let me know in the comments. There is always something I can do better. Camdencast remains safe for work, provided your boss doesn't mind if you listen to a podcast instead of while doing work. Take care until next time, and go Orioles!