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The Saturday afternoon Orioles game thread: vs. Royals, 1:05

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Dare we hope that the Orioles manage to secure a series win back at home? It could happen on Saturday afternoon, if they play well, and also if rain doesn't wash away the game. Chris Tillman and Yordano Ventura are the scheduled starters.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

You never really know what you're going to get from a game the day after one where tensions flared. Are the Orioles going to feel like they have a score to settle against a Royals team who had a reliever, whether ordered by the manager or not we don't know, throw at Chris Davis on purpose? Will the umpires, expecting further tensions, begin the game with warnings issued to both benches? Will the umpires actually eject a Royals pitcher who throws at an Orioles player on purpose, unlike last night?

I have no idea! All I know is that there will be a baseball game. Unless it rains too much, and then there won't be a baseball game. That would be a bummer, mostly because I will be at the stands at this baseball game and I don't want to get rained on, especially not if there won't even be a game. Maybe I will actually get a scarf. They seem like nice scarves.

Will Chris Tillman be able to hold down this Royals lineup enough? Will the Orioles get anywhere against Yordano Ventura, who, by the way, was involved in three different benches-clearing dustups in the month of April? Sounds legit.

There is not a lineup attached to this post because I have had to leave the house before it is posted, but being as you are people with resources and intellect, I trust that you will be able to find them for yourselves.