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Orioles summon reinforcements from Norfolk now that Tides season is over

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With the Tides season over, the Orioles have four players rejoining the team from their Triple-A affiliate: Junior Lake, Oliver Drake, Christian Walker, and Tyler Wilson.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With the Norfolk Tides season having reached its end, the Orioles will have four players joining them from Triple-A for the remainder of the season. Outfielder Junior Lake, first baseman Christian Walker, and pitchers Tyler Wilson and Oliver Drake are all headed back to Baltimore. All four of these players have previously spent time with the Orioles this year.

In addition, since Norfolk lost in the International League playoffs to the Indians affiliate, the Columbus Clippers, three players from the Tides are headed to the Orioles complex in Sarasota on the taxi squad to stay ready in case an injury means they would need to be summoned. Those players are outfielder Henry Urrutia, infielder Rey Navarro, and catcher Audry Perez. Urrutia and Navarro have also spent time with the Orioles this year.

The information on the above moves comes from Norfolk sports guru David Hall.

With the possible exception of Wilson, none of these additions are likely going to have any significant impact for the remainder of the season. With Miguel Gonzalez on the shelf and Mike Wright struggling, there could be some starts awaiting Wilson over the team's remaining 19 games. Maybe Lake will get a little time in the outfield or as a bench bat. Walker could play a few games at DH or even first base if Chris Davis goes on another right field adventure. Drake can be another reliever out there in the bullpen for when a starter goes short.

If nothing else, it's an opportunity for the Orioles to get a few more chances to evaluate some players who might have an opportunity to contribute to the team next season. Every bit of information that they can carry into the offseason about a player who could be an answer - or who definitely isn't an answer - is helpful.

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