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Adam Jones absent from Orioles lineup again on Tuesday

Monday's rainout did not give enough extra time to get Adam Jones back into the Orioles starting lineup. He's out again on Tuesday.

An extra day of rest was not enough to get Adam Jones back in the Orioles starting lineup. Prior to Monday's rainout, Jones had not been in the starting lineup for that game, though there was hope he'd be ready to play in another day. Tuesday's lineup has come out and there is still no Jones to be found.

When Jones was left out of Monday's lineup, manager Buck Showalter said that the reason was that Jones has been suffering from back spasms. That is a good reason for someone not to play. Especially in a season that is effectively lost, except for fading hopes of finishing .500 or better, there's no reason to push the O's star so hard that he hurts himself worse.

Junior Lake in center field isn't ideal even just for a day or two, but there are worse things than resting a star player with three more years on his contract while giving a less experienced player a chance to get a little playing time in the waning days of the season. Lake might even just acquit himself well enough to play himself more into the picture for next season, and if the O's can find out about him one way or another by getting him into real games in the last two weeks of the season, so much the better.

There was some hope that Jones might be available as a pinch hitter if needed on Monday. With an extra day of rest, we will find out tonight whether that still holds true on Tuesday. Jones should get all the rest he needs, but hopefully he doesn't need too much rest.

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