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Power Polls: O's in media ranings Week 25

So, Power Polls took a week off, but we’re back with a vengeance, much like the O’s in the month of September. A little late, don’t you think, guys?

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Buck still likes our guys.
Buck still likes our guys.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports Power Rankings (16th; Last Week: 15th)
I take half a month off, and the O's barely move. Not exactly motivation to keep going. Anyway,  MLB has revamped their presentation of the Power Rankings, and now only go to 20 places. The O's were ranked 16th in the Experts poll (75% weight) and 16th in the Fans' Poll, so they are 15th overall. Power Poll (16th; LW: 17th)
Half a month later, The Worldwide Leader raises the O's one spot. "Nolan Reimold has given the Orioles a boost at the top of the lineup the past few weeks, batting .295/.392/.523 over that span. That has allowed Manny Machado to slide to second in the order, providing more balance to the O's offense." -- Matt Kremnitzer (@mattkremnitzer), Camden Depot Power Rankings (16th; LW: 17th)
Up one slot this week, and being down one last last week, so right where I left them. It's like I never left... Power Rankings (17th ; LW 16th)
FoxSports and the fine folks at Baseball Prospectus say the O's have a 0.1% chance of making the playoffs. As the great philosopher Lloyd Christmas said: "So you're telling me there's a chance..." From the FoxSports blurb: "Chris Davis has gone from top prospect to bust to reclamation project to All-Star to suspended to prize free agent to be, all before he's turned 30."

CBS Sports Power Rankings (17th; 17th)
Matt Snyder does point out a ray of sunshine in a lost season: "Lost in the shuffle of this disappointing season is that closer Zach Britton in some ways has improved over his outstanding 2014 breakout season. He's a legitimate top-shelf closer. "

USA Today Power Rankings (16th; LW 17th)
The Nation's Newspaper kicks the O's up a slot. "Didn't pitching and defense go together? O's have fewest errors in MLB but 4.09 ERA is 10th in AL." The 30 (17th; LW 17th)
Jonah Keri has the Orioles behind the Red Sox. That just doesn't feel right. At all. We're not THAT bad.

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (17th; LW 17th)
Slideshow Central keeps the O's right where they were. "After a disastrous 3-15 stretch all but eliminated them from contention, the Baltimore Orioles have gone 8-4 in their last 12 games to remain on the fringe of the wild-card picture at 5.5 games back for the second spot." Actually, as of this morning, it's only 4.0 games. Like it matters, but still, worth noting.