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Monday Bird Droppings

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

After getting skunked in Boston, the Orioles are now looking at a wild card elimination number of two, but, they have done before this season, the O's seemed to follow up triumph with crushing defeat. Not exactly the stuff on which championships are built.

School of Roch: Zach Britton: "This is unacceptable to our standards"
Deeds, not words, bud.

Joseph, Wieters & Pitch Framing: A Q&A with Harry Pavlidis, Baseball Prospectus - Baltimore Sports and Life Harry Pavlidis is,like, THE data guy at a very data-focused organization...

Sunday Notes: Forsythe’s Breakout, Britton’s Aim, Bullpen Banter, more | FanGraphs Baseball
More from Zach Britton and a Flanny tale. I like Flanny Tales.

Buck Showalter, 21st Century Hero | FOX Sports
Neyer on Buck.

Observation deck: Manny Machado shows his maturity - Baltimore Sun I'll take "Words I did not expect to be reading this morning" for $200, Alex...

This weekend in Boston was terrible, but today is the anniversary of...this.

It's the birthday of beloved submarining reliever Todd Frohwirth and also the birthday of hated bullpen bust Mike DeJean. Grant Jackson also celebrates a birthday today, too. I have no opinion on him.