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Power Polls: O's in media rankings (Week 22)

Just when you think it can’t get any worse for the Orioles, last week got worse. Thursday marked the only win of the week. I hope y’all packed parachutes, because the fall is pretty precipitous this week.

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Paul Janish, doing his best to keep the Orioles upright.
Paul Janish, doing his best to keep the Orioles upright.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports Power Rankings (17th; Last Week: 12th)
Hear that whooshing noise? That's the Orioles falling fast down the MLB poll. MLB has revamped their presentation of the Power Rankings, and now only go to 20 places. The O's were ranked 17th in the Experts poll (75% weight) and 17th in the Fans' Poll, so they are 17th overall. I would not be surprised if they fell out completely next week. Power Poll (15th; LW: 13th)

The Worldwide Leader was exceptionally kind to the O's, moving them down just two spots and keeping them in the top half of the league. "Despite being the only team in the hunt for the second AL wild-card spot with a positive run differential, the Orioles keep losing games. They are now 17-24 in one-run games and have come up empty in critical situations". -- Matt Kremnitzer (@mattkremnitzer), Camden Depot Power Rankings (16th; LW: 12th)
Sports Illustrated drops the O's by four spots. And yet 16th still seems too high for this team. Power Rankings (17th ; LW 15th)
FoxSports and the fine folks at Baseball Prospectus drop the Orioles another two spots, for a total of half a dozen in just two weeks. I don't think that skid stops next week, either. "Just as we all suspected, Caleb Joseph is outperforming Matt Wieters at the plate this season."

CBS Sports Power Rankings (22nd; LW 16th)
Matt Snyder drop the O's four spots last week, and tacks on another six spots to 22nd this week, it's lowest ranking in any national poll. Not even a parachute is gonna slow down that descent. "They've lost 12 of their last 13 and just seem lost as a team. Maybe they are like the Giants -- other than the postseason success -- and need it to be an even year?"

USA Today Power Rankings (17th; LW 14th)
The Nation's Newspaper drops the Orioles three spots, and in their own inimitable way, get right to the heart of the matter: "The challenge now is avoiding first losing season since 2011." The 30 (16th; LW 12th)
Last week I wrote "Jonah Keri seems to think the O's aren't that far from the top third of the week. I have a feeling that will change next week." Sure, enough, they're down four spots and the focus of one of his three teams in his spotlight this week. "(Buck) Showalter said he hopes to learn more about home/road splits and figure out ways to fight them. Unfortunately for the Orioles, that knowledge will come too late to save the 2015 season."

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (19th; LW 17th)

Slideshow Central dropped the O's five places last week, and the team slides down another two slots to 19th. And yet, I can't really argue with that assessment. "A lack of consistency from the starting rotation has been the biggest issue all season, as it ranks 24th in the league with a 4.42 starters' ERA. With their best starter in Wei-Yin Chen (8-6, 3.17 ERA) headed for free agency, the Orioles will have some work to do in that department this coming offseason."