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Orioles place Miguel Gonzalez on disabled list, add Mike Wright, Jorge Rondon, Junior Lake

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The Orioles have placed Miguel Gonzalez on the disabled list with right shoulder tendinitis and added three other guys to the roster because Dan Duquette is a roster move addict who can't help himself.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Even in the September days of expanded rosters, Dan Duquette finds a way to spin his roster merry-go-round. Right shoulder tendinitis is the diagnosis as starting pitcher Miguel Gonzalez lands on the disabled list - a move that's necessary to make so the Orioles can also recall reliever Jorge Rondon from Norfolk inside of the usual ten day window they would have had to wait.

In addition on Friday afternoon, the Orioles also recalled outfielder Junior Lake from Norfolk and activated Mike Wright from the 15-day disabled list. Lake effectively replaces Dariel Alvarez, optioned to Frederick because visa issues would have allowed Alvarez to leave the country for the Toronto trip but not get back in. Not that there was any urgent need to option him, since we are, again, in the days of expanded rosters. It's a reflex for Duquette at this point.

Alvarez was optioned to Frederick, by the way, since the High-A Carolina League's season will be over on September 7, which means that he can also return to the team without waiting for the typical ten day period to expire. A loophole to that rule, which Duquette has exploited in every year of his tenure here, is that once an affiliate's season is over, you don't have to wait the ten days.

As for Wright, you may recall he landed on the disabled list with a strain in his left calf back on August 1. There's no need to make a corresponding move for him here in September. He figures to be a candidate to start Saturday's game against the Blue Jays. Good luck - he'll need it.

The Gonzalez DL move is retroactive to August 31, so if the Orioles want to activate him in the minimum number of days, they're already three days down. Color me skeptical that two weeks on the disabled list is the cure for whatever has been ailing Gonzalez this season. I guess you never know.

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