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New Year's Day Bird Droppings

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Welcome to 2016, friends. Hoping last evening was kind to you and the new year brings you all the happiness you can handle.

What do the coming months hold in store for our beloved boys in orange in black? Unfortunately, those paid to provide us with such answers aren't much help on that front today.

School of Roch: Orioles have same old needs in a new year
Exhibit A

Inside Baseball: 13 big free agents still looking for deals; more MLB notes -
As the field narrows, Jon Heyman gives us a look at the current state of play. His Orioles notes section states that the Warehouse "hasn't given up entirely on Chen." Huh.

Henry Urrutia: The Best Orioles Moment of 2015 | Baseball Essential
Another view on the 2015 Orioles. I think Stacey might agree.

The Yankees Bullpen Probably Won’t Be Any Better | FanGraphs Baseball
From Jeff Sullivan's fingers to your eyes. Wait...that doesn't right.

Former Baltimore Elite Giants pitcher Satchel Davis passed away on this day in 2013.

It's the birthday of once and current Oriole Xavier Avery. Fernando Tatis also celebrates a birthday today.