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Orioles sign Chris Davis to seven year, $161M contract

If the Yoenis Cespedes offer was the Orioles attempt to lure Chris Davis back in, it worked. But since it was at a higher deal than previously reported, was it the Orioles who got played?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If you really wanted Chris Davis to return to the Orioles, it looks like you got your wish. Jon Heyman, noted Scott Boras mouthpiece, tweeted out not long ago the the Orioles and Chris Davis have agreed on a seven-year, $161M contract. No I didn't get that wrong. Check out the tweets. The deal also includes no opt-out and a full no-trade clause.

I'm having mixed feelings right now, because of course I wanted Chris Davis back. I love Chris Davis, and having him on the team has been a joy. But the number reported by Heyman is the same number of years and $7M more than the Orioles initial offer, which they had "pulled off the table." Since then there hadn't been an inkling of a report that any other team was interested in Chris Davis. I mean, I'm sure other teams were thinking about it, but not to the degree that it made it to the hot stove rumor mill.

I presume that this means the Orioles' offer to Yoenis Cespedes is now off the table, although maybe Dan Duquette and Peter Angelos will just go whole hog and try and get him too.

What do you think of this deal? Happy to have Davis back? Miserable at the idea of him tying up that much of the team's money? Both? That's okay.

The good news is, we're going to see Chris Davis hitting dongs in Camden Yards for a long time. And that's something I could get used to.

I mean, unless he falls apart as he ages. But don't think about that right now.