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Monday Bird Droppings

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

That was some weekend, huh? Chris Davis is back in Birdland and...well, for the purpose of this space, that's all I really care about. There is still, however, the small matter of another starting pitcher if you're still minding the early offseason wish list...or maybe another bat if you follow the rumors.

Who Should The Orioles Add? - Baltimore Sports and Life Many in the chirping class are wondering, in the manner of our great fictional president Josiah Bartlet, "What's next?"

Can the Orioles still have Cespedes? (Baseball Essential)
One would think not, but these are strange times. Did you think the O's would in Darren O'Day or Matt Wieters? Both? Both and Chris Davis?

Camden Depot: Re-Evaluating The Defense Of Matt Wieters And Caleb Joseph How do Wieters and Joseph stack up in new-fangled catcher stats?

Sunday Notes: Orioles Analytics, Kyle Freeland, Expos, more | FanGraphs Baseball
In addition to an interesting bit on O's analytics, David Laurila offers up his thoughts on the Chris Davis deal and other tidbits.

OFLs (Orioles for Life) Brady Anderson and Scott McGregor celebrate birthdays today. Wisp of a man Brandon Fahey celebrates a birthday today along with Kevin McGeehee, Brian Falkenborg and Mike Fornieles.