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Saturday Bird Droppings

It's yet another weekend where Chris Davis isn't officially not an Oriole for 2016.

Ryan Flaherty
Ryan Flaherty
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Thoughts on Mike Wright and Tyler Wilson as starters
I guess my thought would be, "Can't hurt." Then again, it could.

Five Things To Know About Orioles Prospect Ryan Mountcastle - PressboxOnline
"The No. 7 prospect in the Orioles' system, shortstop Ryan Mountcastle showed promise during his first season and could benefit from bulking up."

Five Reasons to Anticipate the Baltimore Orioles 2016 Season - The Baltimore Wire
"Here is a countdown of five good reasons to look forward to Baltimore Orioles baseball in 2016…"

That's it, folks. I still feel like death warmed over (it's Day 11 for those counting), so let's wrap this up quickly.

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Garrrett Stephenson and Royle Stillman.

On this day in Orioles history... nothing happened. I know, I was disappointed, too.

Go watch Day 2 of the Southern Schuffle on