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The Orioles officially re-signed Chris Davis GIF Party

It's official. Chris Davis is an Oriole again! That can only mean one thing... yes. You know what must be done.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It is Thurday afternoon.

The Orioles have just officially re-signed Chris Davis, who hit 47 home runs last year and hit 53 home runs three years ago. The Eutaw Street home run champion will be back for another seven years to extend his lead. A key part of the current core remains. Yeah, you're worried. I'm worried too. How will they be able to survive this season now that they've DFA'd Joey Terdoslavich to make room for Davis? That was sarcasm just there.

But it's about to snow like eighty feet in Baltimore and there's not much else to celebrate. So with that in mind...