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Monday Bird Droppings

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hope everyone is warm, safe, has kept their children reasonably occupied and has utilized proper form in digging out this weekend. I don't know if the Warehouse has entered a temporary hibernation following the Chris Davis signing or is just as socked in as everybody else, but suffice it to say, there are few indications of what, if any, next move they'll make.Stay toasty, my friends.

School of Roch: Dylan Bundy on his first bullpen session
Roch Kubatko empties out his notebook to cobble together a story on Dylan Bundy.

TMZ tracks down Cal Ripken Jr., has really awkward interview - Baltimore Sun On the Cal Ripken scale of cringeworthiness, this is not quite as bad as his Adventure World commercials from back in the day, but a bit worse than some of his playoff color commentary.

15 unforeseen developments across the baseball world.
Matt Wieters taking the qualifying offer ranks as one of the more surprising moves of this offseason, according to Anthony Castrovince.

Camden Depot: Orioles Are The Worst Team In The AL East Do you have it in you to play a little game of projection roulette this morning

Faking It – The Hardball Times Many have expressed their distaste for bogus Twitter accounts. This writer throws caution to the wind and embraces them in keeping with his general distaste for Hot Stove Season.

It's the birthday of Wally Bunker, Rookie of the Year runner up for 1964. While not exactly Jeff Ballard-esque, Bunker never quite replicated the magic of his rookie year, either.  Richie Lewis and Francisco Melendez also celebrate birthdays today and if you remember their brief tenured, you are a more hardcore fan than yours truly.