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Sunday Bird Droppings

Most people go back to work and school tomorrow. Maybe that includes Duquette and you'll get some more interesting Orioles news. Until then...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: What Davis' delayed decision is doing to Orioles

Maybe I'm reading too much into this and being a little too generous to DD, but it kind of sounds to me like everyone else is ready to move on from Davis but Angelos won't let them use that money. This leaves the front office in the not good position of trying to build a team that doesn't include Davis but also doesn't include Davis.

Baltimore Sun: Chris Davis situation has Orioles in holding pattern with moves to be made

Peter Schmuck essentially is saying the same thing here, but even goes so far as use the term 'hostage' to describe how Davis is holding things up. If this is really Angelos, it would be one of the great ironies in Orioles history. I can read the story by this time next year: Long known for having tight purse strings, Angelos had instead found a new way to screw up his team by forcing them to wait for the opportunity to overpay a 30-yr old slugger who had likely already peaked and with no other interested teams while the prices of other very good free agents fell into the Orioles' price range only for them to be signed by competing teams.

Boston Globe: Baseball's big hitters aren't connecting on free agent market

Just a ton of thoughts, quotes, and news on the free agent market including the Orioles, Davis, and other targets. Some of my favorite parts were Scott Boras comparing the market for Davis to a kid at a school dance and scouts saying Gerardo Parra's defense really isn't that bad. I know defensive metrics aren't perfect, but...


Happy Birthday to current Oriole Mike Wright, born this say in 1990. Mike, you gave us a couple great starts last year and I look forward to what you can do in 2016.

And on this day in Orioles history...

2012 - Off-season dealings continue, with reliever Fernando Rodney signing a one-year contract with Tampa Bay, the Pirates adding P Jo-Jo Reyes, and the Orioles purchasing OF Jai Miller from Oakland and sending 1B Brandon Snyder to Texas.

2011 - Accompanied by teammate Julio Lugo, Orioles P Alfredo Simon surrenders to police in a courthouse in Puerto Plata in relation to a fatal shooting on new year's eve in the Dominican Republic. Simon concedes that he fired celebratory shots into the air to mark the new year near the two victims, but denies that these were the fatal shots; ballistics tests will be performed to confirm his story. He is detained and faces up to two years in jail for involuntary manslaughter, but will be released when investigators fail to find conclusive evidence linking his weapon to the deaths.

1955 - The Baltimore Orioles purchase veteran outfielder Hoot Evers from the Tigers.


Have a good Sunday, everyone.