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Baseball Continuum's charity blogathon - featuring me!

Dan Glickman is spending the weekend blogging for a cause.

This weekend Dan Glickman at Baseball Continuum is doing a charity blogathon to support the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. Dan started the blogathon in the wee hours of Friday morning with 24 straight baseball-related pieces written by himself. At midnight on Saturday he started hourly posts from guest authors. You can find the full list of authors here, which has a ton of great writers including myself and friends of the blog Dan Szymborski from ESPN and Matt Taylor from Roar From 34.

My post published about an hour ago, a little something about baseball and grandparents. You can find it here. Please check it out along with all of the others stories that are going up this weekend. And if you're feeling so inclined, please head over to the Go Fund Me page for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation.