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Adam Jones, master troll, has fun with thirsty baseball Twitter

If you read way too much into a few Adam Jones tweets on Tuesday, you might think the Orioles are signing Chris Davis soon ... and also Yoenis Cespedes and Justin Upton.

There comes a point in every baseball offseason where the desperate writer starts reaching out for something, anything, that might signify some movement. It is now a new year and there are still a whole bunch of unsigned free agents. Because of Christmas and then New Years, very little has happened for two weeks. People start getting desperate for something to say, and even the smallest of signs start to look tempting to "cover."

One way you see this in effect is what players do on their official Twitter accounts. Around this time two years ago, then-free agent pitcher Ervin Santana sparked one of these non-stories by following a bunch of Baltimore sports blogs on Twitter, including Camden Chat. A fellow Baltimore blog that I won't name because it could happen to any of us took the bait and wrote about this happening, musing about its significance. There was no significance, of course.

Why Santana, or whoever runs his Twitter account, did this, will be a mystery forever. He followed blogs for several other teams as well. But the potential for a Twitter troll job is out there.

Enter Adam Jones:

Oh my God, he just tweeted at Chris Davis, you guys! Maybe the Orioles talks are advancing with Davis? Maybe this is the portentous sign we've been waiting on for weeks. Why else would Jones just randomly tweet at free agent Davis? This must mean something. That was all sarcasm just there. After all, it couldn't possibly mean anything unless Davis tweeted back and -- wait a minute.

YOU GUYS. Chris Davis replied to Adam Jones' tweet! This has to mean something! Scott Boras and Peter Angelos must have been negotiating all day, and Jones knows it, and Davis knows it, and this is the real deal, there's no way it could be anything else. No, that was also sarcasm right there. After all, it couldn't possibly mean anything unless they kept on -- wait a minute.

What a day it is? WHAT A DAY IT IS! This is because Jones knows that Davis is about to come back to Baltimore, right? He wants a hug because they're going to keep being teammates! Oh, man, this is the greatest news I've had yet this year. Well, you've probably gathered that was also sarcasm. There's no way it could be real unless Davis actually gave Jones a hug -- hold on, what?

Now there's no way it's not official, right? Not only did Davis post a picture of him and Jones sharing a hug in the dugout, he went out of his way to find this exact picture on the Internet. I mean, wow. That's got to mean something.

No, it still doesn't have to mean anything. But it's funny these two spiced up a slow day by messing around. As if a few tweets between players would ever tell anybody anything about what's going to happen on the free agent market...

The Orioles are now signing Yoenis Cespedes, Justin Upton, and Chris Davis. If you need me, I'll be dancing naked in the streets. What a day it is.