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Friday Bird Droppings

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Chris Davis and Wei-Yin Chen remain available. The Dodgers are (still) signing everyone. Player opt outs are not for the Birds.

Today's honey badger forecast? On the hunt Lying in the weeds.

School of Roch: Mark Quinn talks about his new position with Orioles
Quinn is an FOB (Friend of Brady).

Still on the Board: Wei-Yin Chen | FanGraphs Baseball
Tony Blengino's free agent series at Fangraphs has been pretty darn solid and (surprise) he likes Chen. Join the club, pal.

Can The Orioles Afford Two Big Bats & Upgrade The SP? - Baltimore Sports and Life TL;DR...Yes! Ask me how!

Three members of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team are now Hall of Famers |
You don't know when to keep your mouth shut do you, Saxy boy?

On this day in 1963, funeral service were held for Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby. In addition to playing for the St. Louis Browns among others, Hornsby managed and played for the International League Orioles in the late 30s. Eddie Murray was elected to the Hall of Fame on this day in 2003.

It's the birthday of Paul Carey, Shane Hunter and the 1960 teammates not really known as the Killer Bees, Willie Tasby and Jim Busby.