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Orioles claim Joey Terdoslavich off waivers from the Braves

No, that's not a made up name. The Orioles claimed Joey Terdoslaivch off waivers from the Braves on Friday. He's probably ticketed for the Norfolk outfield in the coming season.

"Hello, ladies."
"Hello, ladies."
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If you were sitting around thinking to yourself that it's been a whole new year for a week now and Dan Duquette still hasn't claimed anybody off waivers, well, you probably weren't the only one. That kind of thing might have made Duquette break out in hives. Accordingly, the Orioles struck on Friday, claiming awesomely-named infielder/outfielder Joey Terdoslavich off of waivers from the Atlanta Braves.

The press release announcing the claim notes that the pronunciation of the name is "ter-doss-lah-vitch" which is a fine thing for them to point out but I think we all know we're going to call him variations on Terd, happily when/if he does well and in a disgusted way when/if he doesn't.

Terdoslavich is 27, so this isn't exactly pilfering a hot prospect or anyone who was ever at one time a hot prospect. He was originally drafted in the sixth round by the Braves back in the 2010 draft out of Cal State Long Beach. Interestingly, another player drafted in that round of that year's draft was Kevin Gausman, then just a high schooler picked by the Dodgers. Gausman did not sign, which I trust you already knew.

Why bother with Terdoslavich? One reason is that he is a player who as far as I can tell has an option remaining. The Braves purchased Terdoslavich's contract for the first time in July 2013 and he stuck with the big league team for the rest of that season. That means he had option years used in 2014 and 2015 and there's still one remaining. The Braves put him on waivers despite having that option remaining in order to make room for their signing of Kelly Johnson.

For most of his minor league career, he was a first baseman. He's also spent some time in third base and in the corner outfield spots, though he hasn't played at third base since 2012. You can probably figure the switch hitter will be patrolling the corner outfield in Norfolk next year, there as some kind of injury performance, or possibly even for a merit-based promotion if he wrecks the International League and the Orioles once again find themselves desperate for any remotely competent corner outfield option.

Across parts of his three big league seasons, Terdoslavich has batted a combined .221/.296/.324, which is how you end up on waivers. But he also has some minor league success on which to hang his hat, including a .281/.391/.452 batting line over the most recent Triple-A season. Terdoslavich only played 42 games for the Gwinnett Braves last year, however.

Terdoslavich earned that 2013 promotion by batting .318/.359/.567 in 85 games for Gwinnett that year. That's how you get claimed on waivers.

Duquette being Duquette, it's no sure thing Terdoslavich even makes it to the start of spring training still on the roster. But you know how he loves people who still have options remaining, so if nothing else he has a better shot to hang around if only to play for the Tides this year.