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NLDS Deciding Game Open Thread

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Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

After a day with no baseball at all, where people in the sports world were forced to discuss hockey, for crying out loud, it is back for tonight with one single game. It's only the Dodgers and Washington whose division series has gone the full five games, which they will play in our nation's capital tonight.

The Walgreens aficionados are probably feeling pretty good about getting their first ever playoff series win, being as how they have Max Scherzer pitching for them, and they're playing the game in their home stadium. Since Clayton Kershaw pitched in Game 4, they won't have to worry about seeing him, either.

No, instead it will be a brief and terrible former Oriole, Rich "The Blister" Hill, who has not been terrible for the last year. Hill was sidelined for a chunk of the summer due to said blister on his pitching hand, a situation that he apparently tried to remedy by peeing on his hands. That probably sounds like the kind of thing I'm making up, but no, it's not.

The fact is that when you boil it all down to one baseball game, just about any dang thing can happen. Which is what makes it all so exciting, and also horrible for the fans of the team that loses. Though I won't be feeling too bad for Dodgers fans if they lose, nor would I ever feel bad for the traitors to Birdland if their team loses.

Today's Lineups

Chase Utley - 2B Trea Turner - CF
Corey Seager - SS Bryce Harper - RF
Justin Turner - 3B Jayson Werth - LF
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Daniel Murphy - 2B
Josh Reddick - RF Anthony Rendon - 3B
Joc Pederson - CF Ryan Zimmerman - 1B
Yasmani Grandal - C Danny Espinosa - SS
Andrew Toles - LF Jose Lobaton - C
Rich Hill - LHP Max Scherzer - RHP