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The Orioles are in the postseason and all of the haters were wrong again

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Many people thought the Orioles would be a bad baseball team this year. Instead, they are in the postseason again

Manny Machado pumps his fist while rounding the bases after a Matt Wieters home run.
You’re dang right, Manny.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Orioles are in the postseason again. No matter how many words were written by the haters and know-it-alls who proclaimed the O’s the only bad team in the AL East, no matter how many people wondered if the Orioles offense would be able to overcome a bad starting rotation, the Orioles will be playing in the Wild Card game. They made it.

The world home run champion is on the team for the fourth straight season: Mark Trumbo with 47 home runs. The best closer in baseball and an AL Cy Young contender is their closer: Zach Britton. All of Manny Machado, Chris Davis, and J.J. Hardy may well deserve Gold Gloves. And they are going to the postseason.

Where the next game will be played or who it will be played against, or even on which day, is not yet known, but the Orioles will play again this season. They are a postseason team because they beat the Yankees, 5-1, on Sunday afternoon. They won 89 games. The Orioles are in the postseason for the third time in five years. It feels good.

Oh, and do you know what this occasion calls for? Yes. You do.