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Video: Tommy Hunter drops two f-bombs on MASN, is awesome

The Orioles clinched a postseason spot and Tommy Hunter got really, really excited on live television.

Tommy Hunter hits Steve Pearce in the face with a pie after a game in 2015.
This picture is from 2015. Tommy Hunter was also awesome then.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

If the word “fuck” offends you, stop reading this post now.

Anything can happen on live television, especially if you happen to decide to put cameras and a live microphone down in a baseball clubhouse right after a team clinches a postseason berth.

The Orioles, with their 5-2 victory over the Yankees on Sunday, clinched at least the road wild card spot in the American League. After the game ended, a very well-meaning MASN caught Tommy Hunter in a moment of exuberance and greatness, kicking off the party perhaps a bit before the live television cameras should have been rolling...

Hat tip to Orioles Twitter fan Asian Megan for catching the video of this greatness:

Seven and a third innings, eight hits, one walk, just two earned runs to help the Orioles to their clinching victory. How about Kevin Fucking Gausman, indeed?

Bonus picture of Tommy Hunter clutching a ton of beer bottles tightly to his chest, which is apparently his postseason clinching celebration tradition.