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Adam Jones twerking on television and other Orioles celebration highlights

You’ve seen a lot in life, but you’ve probably never seen Adam Jones twerking for Gary Thorne.

A number of Orioles players celebrate clinching a postseason spot.
Look at these postseason-bound dudes. I like them.
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

What would you do if you were a baseball player and your team just clinched a postseason spot? A thorough drenching involving champagne and cheap beer seems to be the standard, and after that, you never really know what might happen.

For Adam Jones, who will now be heading to the postseason for the third time, that might involve getting tapped for a clubhouse interview with Gary Thorne when you’re in the mood to break out some dance moves in the middle of the interview.

And, really, isn’t “dance like no one is watching” what they always say? So here’s Jones, unconcerned with who’s watching (hat tip to Twitter’s Ranting Oriole):

How can you not love this guy?

Not that Jones was the only one getting into mischief where the cameras were pointed. Oh, no. There was plenty of other fun to be had.

You know what else is good? Right when you qualify for the postseason, you can go ahead and hug your teammates. You’ve both earned it. But beware the man who comes to hug with a bottle of beer in his hand...

General yelling, screaming, and champagne-soaked merriment is, of course, encouraged, as the Orioles official Twitter account was happy to document for us:

Or perhaps it’s time for double-fisted beer pouring on manager Buck Showalter? I would pay a lot of money in a charity auction for the opportunity to do this very thing, because it seems like it would be just about the greatest.

And maybe, after 162 games, you might find yourself a bit more in the mood for drinking some of those beers and some of that champagne instead of pouring it all on your teammates’ backs, and really, who could blame you for that... right?

Certainly no one could blame Ubaldo Jimenez. It’s been quite a year for him.

And for Chris Tillman - well, I think this tweet by Orioles fan Marti Hause on Twitter speaks for itself:

Even college roommates Ryan Flaherty and Pedro Alvarez got to enjoy the celebration together, which has to be pretty cool. Flaherty, let’s not forget, has hit a home run each of the last two times the Orioles were in the postseason! Maybe he will find a way to contribute in 2016 too.

While the celebration was going on, the Orioles spent a lot of time glued to the clubhouse televisions, watching to see whether the Red Sox would come back against the Blue Jays so that the Wild Card game could happen in Baltimore.

Toronto ended up winning the game, meaning the Orioles will be headed for Toronto for the Wild Card game on Tuesday night. As the last out was recorded and the players saw it, they were unconcerned, as you can see from Tyler Wilson’s reaction:

Let’s go whoop that ass, indeed.

I like our guys.